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The Stone Corrals

One afternoon in December 1892, a man stopped his horse along the road in Price’s Canyon as he observed the rancher in the meadow directing the workers as they dismantled old stone corrals. These were corrales de piedra, corrals of stone, and John Price was salvaging the stones as he made way for the railroad that was coming through his property.

The corrals were circular and made of stacked stones.  The stones were gathered from the vicinity and skillfully stacked to form the curved walls of the corrals.  The corrals had side gates and came together at a common gate to form large figure 8.  The larger circle may have been 150 feet across.

Animal pens were in this location earlier than 1840 and are believed to have been built by Chumash neophytes as pens for the animals of Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

Friends of Price House volunteers discovered the stones in the form of a retaining wall near the park and were able to retrieve some of them.   A marker commemorating the stone corrals is planned.

This photo was taken by Spencer Records, who is believed to be the man in the picture.

© 2008 by Effie McDermott on behalf of Friends of Price House, Inc.

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