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Meherin House

In 1905, Michael and Mary Ann Meherin were reported to have built themselves and their family a lovely home on her land in Shell Beach.  Mary Ann was the daughter of John and Andrea Price. 

In 1881-2, almost immediately after Michael’s marriage to Mary Ann Price, he had secured the lease of a wharf site from John Price for a parcel at the end of Main Street in the fledging town of Pismo.  Michael Meherin and his brother formed a cooperative of local farmers to build a shipping wharf at Pismo.  It was hailed at the time as competitive relief for local farmers needing an economical way to ship crops and goods to market.

The Meherin House stood on the road in what is now Shell Beach.  As roads widened and improved it was moved uphill more than once.  It finally came to rest on Mattie Road where it weathered for years until it was planned for demolition.

In 2001, working with the city through the use of park fees, Friends of Price House moved the house to Price Historical Park.  A new foundation, roof, repairs and reconstruction of the kitchen addition and picturesque front porch have followed. 

Restoration continues on the Meherin House. 

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