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Early Pismo

John Price and his family were the first permanent settlers in Pismo.  Between 1850 and 1880, he accumulated several thousand acres of ranch land.  His ranch reached from Sunset Palisades and Thousand Hills Ranch on the north to Oak Park and St. Patrick’s Cemetery near Wal-Mart and included Grover Beach to the south. 

He built the first hotel in 1875, which was a two-story stage coach stop near the present day intersection of Ocean View Avenue and Bello Street.  He began subdividing the ranch in 1880.  He established the first Pismo town plat at the beach, which included Main Street, Pismo Street and Price Street.  He moved the hotel to the beach in 1881, creating a town that had a hotel, livery stable, wharf and warehouse.  He sold a large parcel to the south to developers for the town of Grover.

By 1887 speculators and promoters discovered Pismo.  They continued subdividing and marketing Pismo to a growing nation.  Tourism was an immediate success with activities centered around the beach and clamming.

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